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V-Cam Pro

SEC has reimagined the engraving machine. We are introducing the Gen-Next of CNC Engraving Machines in an all new avatar.

V-Cam Pro is a revolutionary CNC engraving machine which is changing the global engraving-milling industry for good.

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Plug and Play

V-Cam Pro can be used right out of the box.

It is designed for a quick installation which helps you to start your milling in no time.

V-Cam Pro Plug and Play

All new

V-Cam Pro CNC Controller

Intuitive Touch Display

The all New 21.5" multi touch display offers an immersive user experience. Everything is at a glance due to the latest tile architecture of the V-Cam Pro CNC Software.

Stand-alone Unit

V-Cam Pro lets you directly plug a pendrive into a USB port or lets you drop a machining file via Ethernet.

V-Cam CNC Software

V-Cam Pro Mobile Application

Remote Monitoring & Control

Now you can remotely monitor & control V-Cam Pro by using the V-Cam Pro mobile application.



You can receive live notifications regarding the status of your job.

This way you are always connected to V-Cam Pro.

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Description Specification
Table Size (mm) 620 x 600 mm
Clamping Area (mm) 620 x 520 mm
a. Number 6
b. Centre Distance (mm) 110 m
c. Size(mm) 25 mm
Maximum safe load on table(kg) 300 kg
Distance from table to spindle face (mm) (customizable) 300 mm
Axis Travel
1. X - axis 500 mm
2. Y - axis 600 mm
3. Z - axis 250 mm
Axis Motion Through pre-loaded ball screws & Hardened & ground LMGs
Axis Drives Servo Drives
Cutting Feed Rate 7500mm/min
Rapid Traverse 10,000mm/min
Positional Accuracy 0.003mm
Repeatability 0.005mm
Spindle Type High Frequency
Spindle Motor Power 5.6 KW
Max Spindle Speed 24,000 rpm water cooled spindle
Spindle Nose Taper ER 25
Max Tool Size 16 mm
Floor Space (L x W x H) 1700 x 1700 x 1800 mm
Net Weight of Machine 1500 kg
Power Requirement 8 KW, Three phase AC, 440V, 50 Hz